Restaurant Recommendations

The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again. ~George Miller

During last week’s business trip up the East Coast, Mary Kelton of Phibro Animal Health gave me a wonderful restaurant recommendation for my anniversary weekend with my wife in New York City. She told me about Becco on West 46th Street, a restaurant with a unique (and surprisingly affordable) concept.

For just $22.95, the menu includes a salad, an antipasto dish, and unlimited tableside service of the chef’s three daily homemade pasta preparations. In addition, the wine list features dozens of great selections, all priced at $25 to remove the inhibition and confusion of price. The wine selection included everything from sparkling wines to rosés to medium and full bodied white and red Italian wines.

“Be sure to make reservations”, Mary advised, and once we got there I could see why. With incredible food at unbelievable prices (especially for New York City), this restaurant is a hot spot.

The restaurant’s name, Becco, is derived from the Italian verb, beccare, which means to peck, nibble, or savor something in a discriminating way. But, believe me when I tell you there was no pecking or nibbling going on at our table. I was a bit skeptical when I learned that one of the pasta dishes was a raisin-parmesan stuffed ravioli in veal sauce, but it was so delicious, I had seconds and thirds!

Mary’s recommendation was spot on, and both my wife and I were grateful that she introduced us to a place we never would have discovered on our own. It got me thinking about how even in today’s technology-driven marketplace, the best advertising is still good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. It’s what has kept Becco in a booming business for nearly 20 years, and it has also been Matchmaker’s best source of new clients. As far as I’m concerned there is no better compliment than hearing: “We heard about you from…”

Marketing guru Seth Godin profiled a brilliant Australian dentist, Paddi Lund, and his extreme approach to referrals (read his story here). Lund said: “Even those deaf to the cries of a bragging marketplace will still listen to a friend”.

Here’s to sharing our greatest finds with friends!

Enjoy your weekend,