Happy Birthday to Me?

It’s my birthday this week. And, that always makes me nervous. Not because I worry about getting older, but because I never know what my husband will come home with next.

In the past, gift giving has not been his strong suit. For our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, he got this panicked look at about 7pm on February 13th and bolted out of the house. The next day, I received a box of dark chocolate (I hate dark chocolate), a denim Tweety bird hat, and a plain grey sweatshirt. Talk about romantic!

It looked something like this...

One year, he tried to bake me a cake. Instead of using a mixer to mix the cake, he decided to use the blender. He blended all of the air out of the batter and what should have been a double-layer Spice cake with cream cheese icing, looked like two dense and mushy frosted pancakes.

I’ve also received African Queen make up, which would have been great if my skin tone were olive, mocha or ebony; and my all-time favorite: men’s aftershave (which he mistook for a bottle of perfume).

It took many years of “fails” to properly train my husband in the art of gift-giving. The past few years, he’s gotten it right. Not only has he given me tickets to my favorite sporting events, he’s also given me a gorgeous chocolate diamond ring. (Now that’s my kind of chocolate!)

Will this year be a dazzler or a dud? Now, you see why I’m nervous. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I’ve got a little challenge for you! Share the worst (or most comical) gift you’ve ever received on our Facebook page, and I’ll send you a gift you’re sure to enjoy. Here’s a hint: It’s delicious!


Photo Credit:  Erin Clarke