Strange Names, Real Places

As you know, Matchmaker Logistics has been a bit preoccupied with superheroes for the last year or so. For example, my inner superhero is Batman, and not just because I dream of owning the Batmobile. Ever since we started this whole superhero thing, I’ve been noticing signs of my alter ego in unexpected places. Sometimes the signs are literal, like this picture sent to my inbox the other day.

Batcave- Matchmaker Logistics

This isn’t just a genius Photoshop job; it’s a real place! Still, it didn’t stop me from wondering: “Would Alfred let me take the Batmobile out for a spin?” Alas, you won’t find Bruce Wayne guarding the streets of Bat Cave, an unincorporated community in Henderson County, North Carolina named after a nearby cave that is home to several species of bats.

While people might be disappointed to discover that this isn’t THE Bat Cave, it is a relief, at least for Alfred’s sake. Of course, Bat Cave, North Carolina isn’t the only town with an unusual name. For the weirdest road trip ever, you might want to include the following destinations on your itinerary:

Hell, Michigan: Hell is only 294 miles from Paradise, Michigan, which seems like a much nicer place to visit. This is one road trip where you don’t want to make a wrong turn!

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico: Originally called Hot Springs, this town changed their name in 1950 thanks to a deal with the television show Truth or Consequences. The show ended long ago, but the town lives on.

Popcorn, Indiana: This town is named after nearby Popcorn Creek. It seems like a good place to put a movie theater.

Boring, Tennessee: Making the list of “unusual place names” is the only interesting thing about Boring. Go figure.

Shades of Death Road: Located in New Jersey, this road is host to a number of spooky stories about ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Detour, anyone?

What’s the strangest town or road name you’ve seen while on the road? Share your wackiest finds on our Facebook page.

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