Lord of the Class Rings

Matchmaker Mary Monday Class Ring TextingIn 1988, when I got my class ring, I splurged on a 10-carat gold band, which ran me about $300.00. It was a lot of money back then, but it was worth it. I loved high school, I wanted something to commemorate it, and let’s be honest – I’ll take any excuse to buy something shiny, sparkly, and made of gold!

So when my boys brought home their class ring catalog last week, I told myself that I would spoil them a little. After all, I know how important a class ring can be, and I am proud of them for doing so well in high school. That was before I saw the catalog. The same simple ring I bought 25+ years ago is now three times more expensive – and that’s before you add any of the extra bells and whistles, of which there are plenty. A class ring for texting? A ring that celebrates hip hop? Seriously? What happened to football and cheerleading and drama?

Matchmaker Mary Hip Hop RingAs the boys debated their options, I watched the price tags for these rings slowly rise… and rise… and rise. How can parents pay $1000.00 or more for a high school memento?

Even my youngest got in on the act. At dinner, my eight-year old, Timothy, announced his future plans: “When I get a class ring, mine is going to be 24-carat gold with diamonds!”

I’m glad he can dream. As for my husband, his approach is a little more realistic. He jokingly told the kids that if they didn’t clear the table, finish their homework and pick up the living room, the only class ring they’d be wearing would come from The School of Hard Knocks. I did the research, and you can actually buy one for the very reasonable price of $110.00. Now that’s more like it!

Matchmaker Mary Hard Knocks Ring

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