What’s That Thing Flying Through Space?

Matchmaker Logistics the Transportation Superheroes of ShippingIt’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Our New Website!

While everyone was distracted by the fireworks over the Fourth, we slipped into a nearby phone booth and changed into our superhero alter egos. We’d like you to meet the Matchmaker Superheroes of Shipping on our new website!

Since we take on each job as though it were as important as saving the world, we’re proud to let our capes fly. Each member of the Matchmaker team has been excitedly on board – we’ve got new bios revealing our superpowers, re-tooled informational videos, and more praise from our super fans–carriers and shippers alike.

Matchmaker Logistics Superheroes of shipping ComicsYou may be wondering – what’s the point of all this superhero stuff if there’s no comic book? We read your mind on that one (and that’s a pretty good superpower!). Check out our comic book! Yes, folks, we now have our very own Matchmaker Logistics comic book! Want a hard copy to call your own? Email me or Mary Nicholas and we’ll mail one out soon.

Learn a little more about what we mean by the title of ‘Superheroes of Shipping’ on our Culture page. We’re so confident that we can take on the enemies of fast, safe, transportation, that we even divulge the secret identities and superpowers of our very own team of Avengers – right here.

Unlike most superheroes, we’re not interest in concealing our identity (feel free to share our site with everyone you know!). But, we do wonder how heroes like Superman would have fared into today’s cyberspace. It seems Clark Kent had it easier in the golden age of comics than he would in the era of the internet.

Then again, who needs the web when you have super strength, spiderweb shooters, or the ability to fly? Not to brag, but some of us don’t even need flight to be powerful. You can read all about our modes of transportation here. Of course, it could be that unlike the Matchmaker Logistics team, other superheroes steer clear of the internet because they have a hard time adapting to the technology:

Matchmaker Logistics Superheroes of Shipping New Transportation Technology

Comic created by Agent-x.

Take a spin around the web this weekend,

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