Super-Sized Sibling Rivalry

Matchmaker Mary Serena Williams Dog Sibling RivalryI played Heads Up! with my kids the other night. If you don’t know the game, you have to try it! Conceived by Ellen DeGeneres, this iPhone game is the best $1 app you’ll ever buy. The whole family loves this celebrity/pop culture trivia game which is played much like $100,000 Pyramid, Password, Catch Phrase or Charades.

While playing Heads Up!, I was shocked to discover that my kids did not know the Williams sisters. For nearly 20 years, the historic rivalry between Venus and Serena Williams has made sports history. It’s such an incredible story when you think about it – that two of the strongest athletes of our generation grew up in the same house with a father who happened to watch a tennis match on television and decided, then and there, that his girls would become the greatest tennis players in the world.

Father knows best, or at least this father did – Serena Williams just won her 6th Wimbledon title; her sister, Venus, has five wins. Talk about a super-sized sibling rivalry! Yet my kids (who do not watch tennis) had never heard of them.

My boys may not know the incredible Williams’ sisters, but they do share something in common with Serena – a love of superheroes. The boys missed clues about quite a few celebrities (Adam Levine, Faith Hill and Miranda Lambert among others), but they knew every single answer in the superhero category.

I’m willing to bet that Serena is a superhero buff too – just look at the picture of her dog that she posted on Instagram (to the¬†right)!

In fact, I heard that Serena has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, creating and coaching two young pups to become the greatest canine athletes in the world. Here, she puts one of them through their paces. I see a WimbleDog win in his future!

Matchmaker Mary Superhero Chihuahua Sibling Rivalry

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