Remembering a Hero

Driving SafetyRegular readers of our blog will remember our recent post about the Lamborghini Batman. Known to close friends and family by his alter-ego, Lenny Robinson, he became an internet sensation after police footage of him getting pulled over in his Batmobile went viral. The story just got bigger and better after online sleuths revealed the Lamborghini Batman’s mission of choice – visiting area hospitals in costume to cheer up sick kids.

The world lost a true hero earlier this week with the passing of Lenny Robinson. A tragic highway accident claimed his life on Sunday night, leaving the world a little darker for his absence. I can’t help but think of many of my favorite images of Batman, perched high on a building, looking over his city and protecting it. I’m sure Lenny’s in Heaven now, doing the very same.

There is something special about the kind of person who uses their free time to go cheer up kids in the hospital. Being a kid is a time for playing outside and getting muddy, going to birthday parties and the first day of school. Kids with chronic illnesses often miss out on these landmark moments, so the people who bring joy to them are true superheroes.

Patch Adams – played by Robin Williams in the movie of his life – first suggested the idea of bringing smiles to hospitals with a paper he wrote in medical school, back in 1971. From there, the Gesundheit! Institute was born. The concept was integrated with Patch’s medical education, insisting that compassion, joy, and smiles are all an integral part of healing and care.

Today, from superheroes to viral videos, many hospitals are lucky enough to have their own smiling angels. Captain America actor Chris Evans went to go visit children at a Seattle hospital following a Super Bowl bet. The original bet had stated that he only had to go in costume if the Seahawks lost the big game, but he decided that he wanted to fulfill the promise anyway, bringing toys and taking photos with the kids. The real Captain America would approve.

From Tutu Tuesdays on Florida wards to the 501st Legion volunteers visiting kids in Star Wars costumes, we’re lucky to have people who will continue in the spirit of Lenny Robinson, bringing smiles to hospitalized children for years to come.

Be someone’s superhero this weekend,