Monday Morning Quarterback

What a game, right?

Or at least, I hope it was. Don’t worry- if you’ve somehow recorded the game, stayed far away from Facebook, and moved under a rock to avoid hearing who won, I won’t be spoiling it for you. I couldn’t if I wanted to! As you’re reading this on Monday morning, I’m quite certainly in bed, antacids at hand, recovering from a night of hot wings and loud cheering.

Regular readers will know by now that I like to take time off for special holidays. And this Super Bowl certainly qualified. As a born-and-raised North Carolina girl, I cheered hard for my Carolina Panthers! That’s why I’m writing to you from the past, before the game has even aired, so I can enjoy my day off.

Speaking of the past, what do you remember from Super Bowls of previous years? Halftime shows, amazing plays, or just what was wrapped in bacon and deep fried? For me, it’s the commercials. My all-time favorite comes to us from Coke, all the way back in 1980. It’s a classic, so much so that Coke remade it for the 2009 Super Bowl – but nothing beats the original.

Super bowl

I guess some people go for the funny commercials, but kids and animals always get me. This Budweiser commercial featuring the special bond between one of their famous Clydesdale horses and the man who trained and raised him brings a tear to my eye, every time:

super bowl

And speaking of horses….this year, a small business gets to enter as a dark horse candidate for 2016’s Best Super Bowl Commercial. As someone who works for a small business, I was intrigued by QuickBooks’ ‘Small Business, Big Game’ competition.

Companies entered the contest, and fans voted for their favorite, with the winner’s commercial being featured during the big game. With Super Bowl airtime being some of the most expensive commercial airtime around, this is a huge boost for any small biz! This year’s winner was supercharged coffee company, Deathwish Coffee, with their surreal, viking-inspired spot:

super bowl

I hope you have extra caffeine and antacids on hand today, I’m sure we’ll all be needing them! And let’s just hope this North Carolina road sign knew what it was talking about…

super bowl

Go Panthers!

Happy Monday (I hope),