A Miracle at the DMV

DMVWorse than Jury Duty, if you ask me. Worse than the dentist. That’s right, recently, I had to lace up my big girl shoes and go to the DMV. Forget the jokes and stories – even legitimate research has been done to find out just why people hate the DMV so much.

Taking a driver’s test, registering a vehicle or simply getting identification. These processes seem so easy, and yet? They never are. The DMV is nearly always a source of headaches, with long lines and impossible paperwork requirements, making each trip a full-on chore.

The day before my driver’s license expired, I was prepared. It was during my vacation week, so I had the whole day ahead of me to tackle the task. I packed my bags, complete with a fully-charged phone, a soda, and even a snack. Nothing was DMVgoing to ruin this DMV trip for me – not hunger, not battery life, and certainly not some DMV officer’s bad attitude.

When I arrived, the parking lot was jam-packed. I found myself patting that soda in my purse – I was going to need the caffeine and sugar to get through this ordeal, I was sure. And yet…when I entered the DMV, there was something so mythical, so beautiful, so out-of-this world…I’m afraid you won’t believe me.

There was no line. None. I’m not sure what all of those cars were doing in the parking lot, but they weren’t in my way! I was approached immediately by a DMV officer who was polite and courteous. When I informed him I was there to update my driver’s license, he ushered me right back to have my photo taken.

After snapping my picture, the officer turned the screen around so that I could see the photo. The picture was on par with most DMV photos – meaning it was bad. And then, dear reader, a miracle happened.

The officer kindly said, “If you’d like, I can take the photo again so you can smile.” I was stunned. I’ve never had the DMV offer to retake the photo! I felt less like a number at the DMV, and more like a movie star, getting five-star treatment while she prepared for her closeup. The officer snapped another photo, and my happiness must have shone through: the picture was great. They printed me up another license, and I was on my way. The entire trip took just ten minutes; I didn’t even take a sip of that soda!

I’m tempted to share the location of my mystical, magical DMV with you, but I’m thinking maybe I should keep a find this good to myself! Meanwhile, I keep pulling out my license and checking it, just to be sure it’s real.

How about you? Have your DMV visits been horror stories or happy surprises? I’d love to know!

Happy Monday,