It Was Our Lucky Day

You won’t believe this story! Was it luck or something greater? A few weeks ago, I talked about how my son Denver and I were planning to participate in our first 5K walk, for a cause very close to our hearts: St Jude’s and the fight against children’s cancer.Lucky Day

First and foremost, I want to thank the blog readers who read and donated – we raised over $500 for the fight! I’m so, so proud of the amazing community we have here.

I’m also proud to report that Denver and I completed the race without stopping to rest once. It was such a great feeling to cross that finish line, for ourselves, for our donors, and for the kids whose lives we were fighting for.
After crossing the finish line, Denver and I sat down in the shade to rest. Imagine our surprise when, while sitting there catching our breath, my son hears his name called over the loudspeaker! I hadn’t heard a thing, so of course, I worried he might be overheated and hallucinating.

I was wrong – Denver had indeed won a $400.00 weekend race package to Talladega Motor Speedway. As racing fans, we were both super excited. I laughed, asking Denver if he felt as though waking up early and walking in the heat had paid off – his answer? “HECK YEAH!”

Lucky DayI was so happy for Denver it even washed away one of the day’s earlier disappointments – missing the opportunity to use my tickets to the Alabama v. Kent State game. Believe me, I wanted to see my Crimson Tide take the field, but my commitment to St. Jude’s was more important, so the tickets went to a friend.

Later, via text, my friend told me I won a total of $250 during the board results of the 3rd and 4th quarters. (For those who aren’t in the know, ‘the board’ is a little $20 pre-game scoring bet I chose to play, kind of like sports BINGO!)

That evening, I found myself reflecting on the day and a lesson I’d learned at a young age:”When you do good for others, you will never be without.” I believe this with my whole heart.Lucky Day

I’ve bought a hot meal for someone on the street, only to win a free tank of gas from a gas-station scratch-off. I’ve handed lovedones cash to buy groceries, only to
receive a surprise check in the mail the very next day. Even helping an elderly lady load bags into her car seemed to yield cosmic rewards, when,later that day, the car in front of me paid for my meal at the drive-thru! And then this most recent happening – my son and I spent our time for St. Jude’s, and reaped some great rewards.

Now, of course, rewards are never my motivation for doing the right thing. I always do it because I believe it’s right.

Yet, it seems to me that when you put love out into the world, just for love’s sake, the Man Upstairs seems to take notice, and drop a little something extra in your lap.

If nothing else, it gives me hope – that when things seem darkest for me, one way or another, someone will be there looking out for me.

Happy Monday,