Stay Fly

I love to fly; I can’t help it. Maybe it’s a holdover from the days when even economy air travel was a luxury experience, but the whole thing makes me giddy.

When did we lose the glamour of air travel? There was a time when people got dressed in three piece suits to get on an airplane, complete with gorgeous, coordinating luggage and a cocktail in the terminal. Nowadays, the airport is a crowded mess, full of grouchy groups in sweatpants sprinting to their gate. And with airline seats and baggage areas getting smaller and smaller, I’m not eager to wrinkle my nice clothes and smash designer suitcases into those tiny compartments!

But lately, I feel like some of the airlines have started to listen. The last few times I’ve traveled with American Airlines on their newly remodeled planes, it’s been a downright pleasant experience.Travel

I’ve boarded shiny, new planes, not the beat up old sky vans I’ve been traveling in for years. These new planes have flat screens built into the back of the seats – and they don’t just limit you to one, crummy in-flight movie that’s been out for months. The latest airlines have on-demand cable, allowing you to catch up on episodes of your favorite TV shows, while charging your phone or electronic devices on your personal in-seat charging station.

And, it seems like there’s more space – I haven’t had to punch my carry-on bag into a cramped overhead compartment for months! Best of all, once my bag is stowed and I’ve picked out a favorite TV show, the flight attendants even put on peaceful, relaxing spa lighting.

I’m glad the airlines are starting to listen to people’s requests for a return to the glamour and relaxation of air travel. I’ve felt so Hollywood on my last few trips, I’ve even expected Tom Hanks to be the pilot!

But when I mentioned this to a friend, she was quick to point out that maybe my fantasy of having Tom Hanks as my pilot wasn’t such a great idea. After all, between Sully, Cast Away, and Captain Phillips, he doesn’t exactly have the best of luck when it comes to air travel – LOL!

Happy Monday,