What I Found Between the Covers of Cosmo

If you had a hot date this past Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a great time. And, if you didn’t – I hope you’re enjoying those half-price chocolate sales! As for me, I got a pre-Valentine’s mani-pedi before celebrating with my husband, Dale.

There’s something about being stuck somewhere with my shoes off and toes soaking that immobilizes me enough to actually relax and read. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lugging copies of War and Peace to the nail salon. When I get my toesies done, I can’t help but reach for one of those glossy magazines in the salon.

cosmoWhen it comes to spa reads, there’s nothing more entertaining than Cosmopolitan and the headlines that await on the cover of each monthly.

Cosmo headlines range from the lurid (“LeeAnn Rimes Stole my Husband!”) to the informative (“Meow!: Why Acting Just Like a Cat Will Get People to Come To You”) to the nearly unprintable. (Stories about how folks ended up in the ER….I’ll let your imagination fill in the details.)

Over the years, the publication has taken some lumps about their choice in headlines. But in a way, there’s an art to it. Seeing how far these headlines can go without veering into the truly strange is quite a dangerous game, one that gets me to pick up the magazine every time. So in that sense, they’ve succeeded!

All joking about the silliness of the headlines aside, it’s brilliant marketing. And, despite getting a lot of flak for being air-headed, the content within is often surprisingly thoughtful.

Take this article from a point of view you might not expect to see in the pages of Cosmo – a female truck driver. It’s an honest, interesting perspective on our industry, highlighting a vitally important career path.

I think it’s pretty cool that inside a publication like Cosmo, a long haul truck driver can educate an entirely new section of potential drivers, thus bringing growth and positive attention to our industry. If more women’s magazines contained positive articles about logistics and trucking, we might see more women helping to fill the driver shortage.

Next time you’re at a doctor’s office, the hair salon, or the nail salon, take a look at the Cosmo to your left. You just might learn something new!

Happy Monday,