Positivity in Pajamas

workplace perks

Last week, I had the perfect Friday. I got to wake up in a beautiful beach town, stay in my pajamas all day, order in cheese steak sandwiches from my favorite local deli, and even get a massage.

Vacation? No way! Try just another day of hard work in the Matchmaker Logistics headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina. I know pajamas, cheese steaks, and massage chairs don’t sound like part of a day at the office, but there’s a method to the madness.

You might remember our Matchmaker Logistics 2018 slogan from a few posts back – “Radiate Positivity.” Thankfully, Bob knows that positivity is about more than just demanding smiles from your coworkers. Positivity comes from positivity, so Bob decided to put his money where his mouth is and make Matchmaker not just a great company to work for, but a great place to come to work each day.

Following in the footsteps of corporate giants like Google, more and more employers are realizing that – surprise! – an office that offers spaces for employees to take a comfortable break or even enjoy a bit of fun fosters workers who are happier and more productive.

While Matchmaker isn’t able to copy some of Google’s fancier amenities, (like free cooking classes!) we do have a great break room complete with a comfy couch, a big screen TV, superhero art, and an occasional massage therapist on site for in-house chair massages. On a rotating schedule, employees can also sign up for Take Your Pet to Work days, bringing a furry friend into the office.  And, we’re all armed with Nerf guns, markers to write on the success board, and bells and gongs to celebrate accomplishments.

workplace perksworkplace perksThe goal of these perks isn’t to foster a lack of focus on necessary office tasks: quite the opposite! According to Harvard Business Review, happier, more positive teams are statistically more productive. Not only is work completed on time and with a smile, but companies with a positive corporate culture are more likely to survive economic downturns and times of struggle or change.

After attending recent industry conferences, Bob reports that corporate change is definitely in the air. The millennial workforce is the hot button issue on everyone’s lips. Millennials want to work on projects where they feel valued, and pour themselves into work they feel is rewarding. Work perks that encourage them to be themselves and feel connected to their jobs, make for positive, productive teams. It might sound crazy to some of us, but the science backs it. (And selfishly, I love working in my PJ’s.)

Happy Monday,