Stay Until The Cake Is Served

June is over, which means many of us have attended our first (or second…or fourth) wedding of the season. And while every wedding is a special, beautiful affair, the ritual of finding something to wear, choosing a nice card, and wrapping a lovely gift…well…it can get tiring.

wedding cakeBut all of that hard work does come with sweet, sweet rewards – specifically in the form of wedding cake.¬†Cake is arguably the best thing about wedding season, so I was excited to see Wedding Cake Championship on Food Network. If you’re not familiar, it’s the latest in the trend of television baking shows that has taken over TV and Netflix. From The Great British Bake-Off to the more tongue-in-cheek Nailed It!, baking shows are all the rage.

Wedding Cake Championship follows a game-show format, with teams of two bakers who meet a couple in the throes of wedding planning. They try to design the cake of their dreams – often around a creative theme.

I have to say, I love the trend of creative wedding cakes, and I hope it never goes away. Does anyone else remember when wedding cake was just dry white cake and overly sweet frosting piped between plastic columns and cardboard tiers?

Today’s wedding cakes are creative masterpieces. A few episodes of Wedding Cake Championship will convince you of that – these bakers go all in, with edible glitter, fresh fillings, rich chocolate, and in the case of one super-cool confection, funfetti cake batter. Themes include the couples’ pets, favorite travel destinations, and more.

As a proud Matchmaker Logistics superhero, my favorite episode was the one that charged contestants with designing a cake for a superhero-themed wedding. Rather than picking a favorite existing superhero, the cake designers made the couple into superheroes themselves. Now that’s enough to make you want to renew your vows!

But, as much as I love cake, if Dale and I ever renew our vows, we might go in a very different direction:

wedding cake

Happy Monday,
~ Mary