The Merry Month of Maycember

Ah, May! I’m sure I’m not the only parent thinking: ‘Thank goodness the school year is almost over!’ While this milestone definitely calls for celebration with graduation ceremonies and awards banquets galore, there’s also a lot of stress, shopping, and schedule-juggling this time of year.

Thankfully, though, my daughters, Emily and Chloe, are total rockstars when it comes to time management. (Of course, they’re not the ones driving to all of these events!) Just trying to remember everything on their to-do list wears me out. They’re heavily involved in our local children’s theater and both had roles in a production of Cinderella earlier this month.

The next week, Emily starred as the ‘daughter’ in a Murder Mystery dinner theater show. And, at the end of the month, they won’t just hit the hammock or hang out at the pool. Instead they’ll start rehearsals for their next show: Frozen, the Musical.

Tonight, we’ve got Chloe’s end-of-year banquet for soccer. And tomorrow, Emily will be off for a field trip to Manhattan with her gospel choir.

These days, it’s tough to make time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or breathing. One thing I always have time for, though? Laughter.

When it comes to parenting, the more you can laugh, the better.  The semi-famous Holderness family, who live just a short drive away in Raleigh, North Carolina, know this all too well. Two former TV industry vets, husband-wife duo Penn and Kim juggle comedy, music, crafts, healthy-ish nutrition, and a podcast. What’s more, much of their work involves their two little ones, Lola and Penn Charles. But their greatest claim to fame is their YouTube channel, which is chock-full of hilarious videos.

You may have seen them in their viral video #XMAS JAMMIES (though my personal favorite makes light of losing your keys, your tie, the kitchen sponge, everything?!). If you’re freaking out just a pinch these days, their latest video captures this time of year perfectly. The Maycember Medley, set to “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas” and an entire playlist of Christmas songs, describes this as the other most wonderful (err, terrible) time of the year. It’s like December, but without the lights, presents, and merrymaking. If you have children in your life, it’s sure to make you laugh.


Fuel for Thought,