10 Things Women Want to Hear

1. Wow, I just don’t know what to do with this money we won in the lottery, so why don’t you take it to the mall and see if you can find something to buy with it?
2. Hey, how about inviting your mother to spend the summer with us?
3. What luck, they had a special rental rate at the video store on romance movies!
4. You know, that Pam Anderson just doesn’t seem to have the brain power that I find so attractive in a woman.
5. Who wants to play golf when I can see how good the lawn looks when it’s freshly mowed?
6. Shoot, there’s nothing on TV but football games. Let’s go furniture shopping!
7. Man I tell you, nothing feels better than getting all spruced up in a suit and tie.
8. I’m getting a little tired of steak on the grill. How about a nice quiche?
9. You know, I think I’d really prefer the four-door sedan to that impractical Corvette.
10.  Golly, I think we’re lost. Let me find a gas station to ask for directions.  

Some transportation logistics companies tell their clients and carriers what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear (kind of like those smooth-talking guys who feed lines to women).    At Matchmaker, we’re proud of our open, honest communication policy.  We’ll never feed you insincere lines that leave you wondering; we’ll always tell you the truth.