Our Culture

Truth, Justice and the Matchmaker Logistics Way

The core values that make us a trusted broker.Like all superheroes, we stand by a code of ethics. In the transportation industry, adhering to sound business practices is more than just the right thing – it’s the best thing for our company, and your freight. Members of the Matchmaker Logistics team aren’t just here for the glory – each and every employee is dedicated to the preservation of Truth, Justice, and the Matchmaker Way. We believe in:

    • Honesty: To our carriers, to each other, and to you, the client. We won’t undercut the cost and charge you more down the line, or go with sub-standard carriers just to save a buck. We’re truthful from minute one when it comes to promising what, when, and for how much we can deliver your freight.
    • Responsibility: We’re not superhuman. Even superheroes make mistakes, and if the ball gets dropped, we believe in transparency. You’ll be with us every step of the way as we fight to make things right, and you won’t need x-ray vision to see the truth.
    • Teamwork: Anyone can work with a wandering vigilante, but at Matchmaker Logistics, you’re part of a team. We believe in forging relationships that will endure even after your shipment is delivered. It’s our goal to be your go-to logistics provider time after time.
    • Enthusiasm: If the tights and capes haven’t convinced you, we love our work. And we want you to love it too. A good attitude is contagious, and we bring our energy and positivity to everything we do.
    • Delivery: We set high standards and we strive to meet them every time. Our transparency, our ethics, and our positivity – combined with your trust and good will – are what make that possible for us.
    • Trust: Our mission is to be one the industry’s most trusted shipping source. Because of that, you can rely on us – our super strength, our far reach, and our commitment to honesty and integrity.

We don’t just say it – we believe it. We’re a family, a united team, dedicated to fighting for what’s right in the world of shipping and logistics. That, dear friends, is the Matchmaker Way.