Are We a Match?

Don’t Let Mere Mortals Do a Superhero’s Job!

Matchmaker-Client-Frustrated-400pxYou may have noticed that here at Matchmaker Logistics call ourselves the ‘Superheroes of Shipping.’ It’s a tall order for sure, but make no mistake – it’s not just about sounding good – or looking great in spandex!

We don’t just procure trucks or move your items for you – that’s not what we’re about. A superhero’s job is to watch from afar, keeping an eye on every part of the process – from the big picture to the nitty-gritty details – and to step in if trouble should arise.

At Matchmaker Logistics, when a traffic manager calls us with a request for a truck, we realize that she (or he) really wants something more. Yes, moving “stuff” from “here” to “there” within a certain time frame is the goal. Of course, that “stuff” needs to arrive on time and in great condition. And, Matchmaker Logistics has a strong track record when it comes to making those things happen. But our real super power is our ability to provide something far less tangible to our customers:

We believe that an ‘ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ That’s why we take the time to perform strong due diligence on the front end to ensure safe drivers and secure cargo. In other words, we like to get there before you cry ‘Help!’ Our transportation specialists work closely with each client, communicating every step of the way, and considering each client’s needs.

superman-bobConsider, for example, Lois. Lois has multiple responsibilities in her small company; freight is just one of them. She routes a handful of shipments per week, both LTL and TL. She has tried larger transportation companies in the past, but they left her frustrated because they made her ‘get in line’ behind their larger accounts. These transportation giants may have:

  • Dragged their feet when she needed a quick quote
  • Let her load sit when capacity was tight
  • Ignored her damage claim
  • Made it an Act of Congress to adjust an incorrect invoice

Lois doesn’t have time for that nonsense. She wants to focus on more important revenue-generating activities. She wants to give her freight to a company she can trust to handle it professionally and communicate any issues promptly. Furthermore, Lois wants to work with people who value her. She is okay with paying a little more because she’s experienced the high cost of the lowest quote; she knows that when her transportation runs smoothly, her customers are happy and they will buy from her again. Lois tells us that she doesn’t even bother calling other companies because she can always depend on Matchmaker Logistics to save her time and save the day!

Matchmaker-Client-Happy-400pxWhen the going gets tough, our clients know we’re one step ahead, with these super services:

  • Round-the-clock hotline support from our superheroes of shipping
  • Guaranteed quoted rates – even if the job costs us more than we planned. (It’s how we reward our customers for loyalty when they award us every shipment in a specific lane.)
  • Billing and claims paperwork so easy, even your sidekick could do it

Doing the right thing for our client lets our clients do right by their customers, meaning that everyone feels like someone’s hero for the day. If you’re seeking a relationship based on trust, clear communication, accountability, and service, call Matchmaker Logistics: where the Superheroes of Shipping have got your back!