Why Ship With Us?

Pioneers at the onset of transportation brokerage, Matchmaker was named National Broker of the Year in 2004 by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC).

Ranked by annual sales, we are in the top 20% of logistics brokers nationwide. Because everyone in the company is called on to share their tips for success, we’ve always met our goal of helping others learn to grow their business and operate with integrity, efficiency, and market savvy.

Our dynamic, energetic staff assertively seeks results for shippers. Those of you who’ve done business with us know the lengths we go to already. Those new to us as potential clients can rest assured we handle all the details as meticulously as possible, and we take all necessary steps, no matter what the market conditions or capacity crunch, to select just the right equipment and rates to bring your goods to market.

Choosing an Intermediary

We encourage you to know who you do business with. Here are a few tips for choosing a transportation intermediary.

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