About Us

The Matchmaker Logistics Team

Did you know that Bob Skane plays guitar and sings in a band?  Learn about the sports rivalries amongst the team and find out where each team member lives (you’ll be surprised!).  We encourage you to learn about our professional backgrounds and our personalities.  Read More »

Matchmaker Corporate History

In 1981, with the onset of deregulation, Jim Sr. saw an opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace by creating a logistics company that would assist trucking companies in finding backhaul loads and reducing dead head miles. He launched Matchmaker out of his home in Trumbull, Connecticut. Read More »

Our Culture

Matchmaker Logistics is proud to be a family-owned and operated business since 1981. Our father, Jim Skane, Sr., founder, and our mother, Eileen who later joined the company to help him fulfill his vision, taught us that relationships, values, and integrity are what count in business and in life. As we approach our 30th we thought we’d share the Top 30 principles that define our way of doing business. Read More »

 Our Credentials

Our clients take professional credentials seriously, and so do we.  From certificates of insurance to professional affiliations, Matchmaker strives to be a leader in the transporation field.  We urge you to take a few moments to review our credentials.

Our Logo

When our founder, Jim Skane, Sr. launched Matchmaker Transportation he chose the fulcrum as our company’s symbol because its function is analogous to our role as transportation brokers. Imagine a lever. It’s the simplest of all machines, yet it is still a tool that makes a difficult job much easier. Levers (think seesaws, shovels, and wheelbarrows) are often used to lift heavy loads. The fulcrum is the pivot point, or an in-between point, that provides tremendous power to its user through increased strength and leverage. Read More »