Southern Charm

When it comes to relationships with our carriers, we take an old-fashioned, long-term approach.  Read why one of our carriers is a fan of our representatives’ old-school Southern charm: 

Our trucking company has worked with Matchmaker Logistics for more than a decade.  Just like Matchmaker, we are also a family-owned and operated business.  And just like us, Matchmaker is dedicated to building strong, personal relationships in the industry.  Our office team and our drivers especially enjoy working with Mary and Pam, the Carrier Sales Representatives.  You don’t find such polite, caring, and understanding Southern belles in New Jersey!

 Our work with Matchmaker satisfies many of the criteria on our wish list, giving us: loads that have destinations close to our yard; communication that is clear and up-to-the-minute; and professionalism that is based on industry knowledge and personal integrity.  There’s just one thing that’s still on our wish list:  We wish there were more brokers like Matchmaker Logistics! -Tim Hogue, Blue Velvet Transport, Inc