Matchmaker Applauds the Shipping Community

Matchmaker applauds the shipping community for its success in modifying the verbiage of the now titled “Compliance Safety Act”. 

Our job at Matchmaker Logistics, is to provide critically needed capacity while maintaining safe transportation.  The government’s rating and monitoring system is an integral part of our due diligence.  Continuity and clear guidelines are important for brokers and the shipping public alike. 

Because the CSA made so many broad changes to our current system, it had created ambiguity and confusion in the industry.  Transportation brokers were fearful of selecting a carrier who had satisfactory ratings, yet underlying “alerts” in their sub-scores. This informational conflict created wariness among diligent brokers.  They were reluctant to cover loads using trucking companies who may have been perfectly satisfactory, but appeared risky due to these confusing alerts.

We can now breathe a collective sigh of (at least a partial) relief, thanks to the efforts of NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies), TEANA (The Expedite Alliance of North America) and AEMCA (Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association).  These entities worked jointly to effect revisions to the CSA.  Specifically, they have formulated key changes to the disclaimer language, while re-establishing the overriding importance of the Carrier Safety Rating in safe carrier selection.  These changes will eliminate confusion and provide clarity to the shipping public as we work to fill loads with the safest and most professional carriers in this increasingly competitive environment.

Matchmaker continues to make its compliance protocol a critical component of the service we provide to the shipping public. Count on us to be at the forefront of knowing, understanding and complying with legislation.  As always, we continue to provide our clients with the needed capacity to satisfy their customer base, doing our part to support the nation’s commerce and recovery.