Super Bowl Trivia

This weekend brings the biggest sporting event of the year. All of us at Matchmaker are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with family and friends.

As a die-hard Giants fan, I am excited about a rematch of the ’08 Super Bowl. I believe Eli will step up in the 4th quarter as he has done all year to take home the Lombardi trophy. Even though neither is a Giants fan Mary (Steelers) and Pam (Panthers) will also be cheering for Big Blue. I guess you could say they are rooting for “anyone BUT the Patriots”!

Mary correctly predicted the Giants winning the NFC Championship by 3 in overtime. She has the Giants winning the Super Bowl by 7. Her predictions have been spot on this year–she even forecast her beloved Steelers loss to the Broncos in the first round of the playoffs! I sure did not see that one coming.

We’ve compiled a few more numbers for you to digest (below) while enjoying the game. And, we’ve created our own trivia contest: “What New York State-inspired food do both Mary and Pam serve as a must-have snack during their Super Bowl parties?” Reply to this email with the correct answer, and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $25 gift card.

No matter which team you are rooting for (or even if you’re just interested in the half-time show!), we hope your weekend brings plenty to cheer about!



  • $2.8 million: the cost of a 30-second commercial during the game
  • 151.6 million: the number of people who will watch a part of the game
  • 28 million: pounds of potato chips that will be eaten
  • 1 billion: number of chicken wings that will be eaten
  • 7 million: number of US employees estimated not to show up to work on the Monday!
  • 7: most touchdowns caught in the Super Bowl (by wide receiver Jerry Rice)
  • 6: wins by the Pittsburgh Steelers, the highest amount of Super Bowl victories by any team. (Mary asked us to list this fact in bold, but she was outnumbered!)
  • 5: Most wins as a player – Charles Haley (San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys)
  • 3: Most Super Bowl MVPs – Joe Montana
  • 14: seconds: fastest score from start of game – Devin Hester, Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XLI
  • 0: the number of games where no touchdowns have been scored