Overcoming Adversity

Wow! What a great football game! As a Giants fan, I’m more than pleased with the outcome, but the truth is both the Patriots and the Giants deserve huge praise-each team came with a great game plan, the will to win, and the belief that they would win. This season, both the Pats and the Giants overcame a lot of adversity to forge strong teams.

The Patriots defense was decimated by injuries much of this season and it was quite an accomplishment to win 13 games and go to the Super Bowl. Even after going down early (9-0), the Patriots roared back (you knew they would- it’s Brady!) and came one or two plays short of winning their 4th Super Bowl. I see no shame there.

Two months ago, Tom Coughlin’s job security was a big topic of conversation. After losing 5 of 6, resulting in a team record of 7-7, the Giants needed to win their last two games just to make the playoffs. At that point, I honestly didn’t think even the Giants believed they could still win the Super Bowl. They proved me wrong.

Hardship, combined with good leadership, can make people, teams and organizations stronger. If we view struggles as “strengthening exercises” and believe they are there to aid our growth, we tend to keep moving forward. We only fail if we quit.

For me, the Giants’ performance this season was a perfect illustration of the Japanese proverb: Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Congratulations aren’t just in order for the Pats and the Giants, but also for Rody Burk with Gypsum Express. He was the winner of our $25 trivia question contest. We asked you to name the New York State-inspired snack that both Pam and Mary consider a “must-have” at their Super Bowl parties. It wasn’t pizza or subs, but as Rody correctly guessed–Buffalo Wings! Proving that you don’t have to be an athlete to be a great sportsman, Rody graciously asked us to donate his $25 winnings to the Pittsburgh food bank.

Enjoy your weekend.