Heat Wave Humor

Today in Southeastern and Central North Carolina, temperatures are expected to hit triple digits, with a heat index hovering above the advisory level for 105 degrees Fahrenheit. And, as the temperatures soar, so will the humidity. Forecasters expect that we will reach or surpass record highs set in the 1950’s. With heat advisories and warnings issued throughout the State, everyone is talking about how to keep cool.

While chatting about the summer heat wave with a vendor who doesn’t work in the industry, she asked: “Do you see requests for more refrigerated trucks at this time of year?” She was surprised to learn that Matchmaker Logistics uses more “reefers” (refrigerated trucks) shipping chemicals in the winter than we do shipping product in the hot summer months.

To remain stable, most chemicals cannot freeze. As a result, we transport chemical shipments using reefers even during cold winter months to keep the chemicals within safe temperature ranges. Finding refrigerated trucks to haul HAZMAT can be challenging at times because, for obvious safety reasons, reefers hauling foodstuffs are prohibited from putting chemical shipments on the same load. Furthermore, temperature-controlled shipments must be delivered ASAP. And, the drivers have to be conscientious about keeping the A/C unit running at all times and checking it at intervals to ensure the temperature of the cargo remains constant throught the duration of the trip.

Upon hearing that our refrigeration business defies what an industry-outsider would consider sound logic, my vendor said: “You know all this talk about hot and cold reminds me of a joke…”

Jack needed to mow the lawn during a scorching summer heat wave. As he stepped out of a cold shower, he said to his wife:

“It’s just too hot to wear clothes today, honey. What do you think the neighbors would say if I mowed the lawn like this?”

 She looked at him and replied:”Probably that I married you for your money.”

Let it all hang out this weekend,