Lucky Dogs

I consider myself to be an extremely lucky guy. I was blessed with great parents, an incredible wife, two amazing children. Opportunities like playing on a nationally ranked Ultimate Frisbee team and being a guitar player in not one, but two, regularly working bands have serendipitously fallen into my lap. Some might call me a lucky dog, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

Not so long ago, we decided to add a full-time Administrative Assistant to the Matchmaker Logistics team. I started by placing an ad on, much to the horror of friends with extensive experience in Human Resources. “Be careful!”, they cautioned, “You’ll have to sift through a lot of bad candidates to find a hidden gem, if you find one at all.” But, my grandparents were Irish, and I guess the old saying holds true. I got lucky and found a ‘golden’ candidate right away.

Our new Administrative Assistant, Shelly Stoddart (pictured left), thinks Irish eyes were smiling on her too. She and her boyfriend first discovered Wilmington, NC on St. Patrick’s Day.  They knew immediately that they wanted to relocate from her hometown of Charlottesville, VA to our charming beach town. A few months later, when they were ready to make the move, Shelly applied to our position on, and was hired within a day!

I didn’t specify “Must Love Dogs” in our ad, but it really does help. My very affectionate family dog, Rosie (pictured left) does double duty as the Office Mascot. Lucky for Rosie, Shelly is a dog lover with two lab-mixes named Honey and Sparr at home (pictured below).  Shelly has no problems working while a grateful Rosie rests at her feet.

How do I stay so lucky? I guess it comes down to gratitude. After all,

“You can’t expect to be a ‘lucky dog’ if you spend all your time growling.”

That said, I try to never forget that:

“Some days you’re the dog; some days you’re the hydrant.”

Please join me in welcoming Shelly to Matchmaker Logistics by sending her a “hello” on Facebook or Twitter. You can read more about Shelly and our other fantastic team members by clicking here.

This weekend, enjoy the final dog days of summer,