And the Winner Is…

Congratulations to Load Coordinator Michael Hay of Seminole Express.  He is the winner of our Cute Pooch Competition and the recipient of a Matchmaker Logistics mug and a $20 gift Starbucks certificate. 

After sharing photos of our employee’s dogs, some of you reciprocated with photos of your pampered pets.  We decided to turn it into a friendly little Facebook and Twitter competition.  Thanks to all who submitted photos of your four-legged friends; they were all so cute, we had a dificult time declaring a winner. 

Based on employee voting and the number of “Likes” from our Facebook friends, we declared one little pup with a very big name the winner of our Cutest Pooch Competition.  This dog’s name is -are you ready?- Dazzle Bellatrix Masquerade Hay, or Bella, for short. Owner Michael Hay explains:

“I’ve always wanted a lap dog, specifically a Yorky, and we found Bella through a connection at my wife’s workplace. When it came time to decide on a name, my children, my wife, and I all had names picked out.  No one would budge on their choice. In the end, we decided to go with all three names!

“Dazzle” is the name my 3 young girls chose; my wife wanted to call her “Bellatrix” after the character from Harry Potter; and, since we are all HUGE Phantom of the Opera fans, I liked the name of the song that opens the second act, “Masquerade”.

Everybody’s happy, and now, they’ll also be well caffeinated. Enjoy your Matchmaker mug and coffee, Michael, and don’t forget to give Bella a little treat too!