Eat, Drink and Be Covered

Invented in 1901, Pepto-Bismol has been around longer than we have. Who doesn’t recognize the bright pink liquid used to treat nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and more? But did you know that their current marketing slogan is “Eat, Drink and Be Covered”?

I especially like that slogan, because, in a way, Matchmaker Logistics has Pepto Bismol covered. We’re responsible for coordinating the transfer of the Bentonite clay used in Pepto Bismol from its originating warehouse to its distribution center. Read on to see how we always keep those loads “covered”:

“Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. The clay is mined in three different states and then shipped to a rural warehouse in Nevada, where I ensure that it is packed into standard ton bags and then shipped in 44,000-pound loads to our processing plant in Kentucky.

I’ve worked with Matchmaker Logistics for more than a decade, and we’ve never had a problem. In fact, the only problems I remember happened years ago when we made a temporary switch to another carrier as a cost-savings measure. That other company may have had slightly cheaper rates, but we quickly learned that you can’t put a price on strong logistics planning and great communication-we switched back to Matchmaker in a jiffy!

The team at Matchmaker Logistics confirms our trucks at least one week in advance which helps me with monthly planning. Since I ship 2-4 loads per week, I rely on Matchmaker’s proactive communication in order to manage my inventory flow and staffing schedule. If I have a rush request, Matchmaker is always able to meet my needs, despite having to coordinate transport to a location several states away.

I view the Carrier Reps at Matchmaker Logistics as partners on my team; they are friendly, helpful, professional and committed to helping my company with smooth and efficient operations. In my book, Matchmaker has always been the best logistics broker around–their rates are competitive, but their service is priceless.” ~Darren True, R.T. Vanderbilt

Eat, drink, be merry (and be covered!) this weekend,


P.S. Congratulations to Michael Hay of Seminole Express. He is the winner of our Cute Pooch Competition and the recipient of a Matchmaker Logistics mug and $20 Starbucks gift certificate. Click here to see Michael’s adorable dog, Bella.