Tuesday Tips- 5 Purchases That Will Make Your Office Fun Again

Summer is in full swing; the heat is on; and, the office feels more stifling than ever. Looking for a way to inject some fun back into your work routine? Check out these five fun purchases* that will bring some refreshing summer entertainment to you and your co-workers:

1. Chill out: A tiny desktop refrigerator can hold and cool exactly one standard 12 ounce can. It’s powered solely by USB via your computer, which makes it a fairly portable personal fridge that can sit on your desk and keep your drinks cool, one at a time.

2. Take your dog to office meetings: The Pet High Chair clips securely to tables up to 2″ thick and its height adjusts without tools to elevate your pet to near eye level. You can finally prove that your pet really is smarter than some of your co-workers….

3. Be honest: Get a set of “Like” and “Dislike” self-inking stamps and start stamping all of those papers on your desk. Tell people how you really feel; wouldn’t that be fun?

4. Score points: Improve your game while taking care of business! Attach this awesome basketball hoop to your waste basket, and you might be hailed as the Michael Jordan of the office.

5. Rock on: Part pencil, part drumstick, this awesome pair of pencils will help you rock the office this summer.

*Note: I have never purchased or used these products, and I am not endorsing them. They are merely my findings after a little internet research, presented merely for inspiration and entertainment. If you do purchase one of these gadgets, however, let me know how it works out!