Important Titles

Congratulations are in order for Mary Nicholas, Pam Carrier, and Shelly Stoddart at Matchmaker Logistics. All three of them have new job titles that are more in keeping with their responsibilities in our organization.

Mary, who is the second in command at Matchmaker, has been named Vice-President. In addition to her work with our shippers and carriers, she will be leading our Business Development program and developing what we call a “WOW” Process for our customers and our employees. Pam is now our Senior Carrier Sales Representative and will take the lead with all carrier management and dispatch. Shelly’s new title is Office Manager because managing the office is exactly what she does. From accounting to payroll to purchasing office supplies and updating our employee handbook, Shelly handles it.

These changes are part of an office shift as we evolve and grow. Tony Ferreira, our Shippers Sales Rep, left us to pursue an opportunity in Social Media Technology. Meanwhile, we are in the final stages of interviewing a couple of strong candidates who will join our dispatch team. With so much happening in the Human Resources department this week, I’ve definitely had job titles on the brain!

Do job titles matter? Ask some of the hottest companies on the planet and they will say: “Yes!” Take, for example, the “Geniuses” at Apple or the “Baristas” at Starbucks. Not only do such titles imply a certain level of knowledge and status, they also give their proud owners bragging rights and increase employee retention. These job titles also garner the trust of customers; Apple and Starbucks say they drive higher sales and create a stronger product brand.

Job titles give people a way to describe the work they do for the company. They add to a sense of job worth. And, they help customers and business partners know who to reach out to in their dealings with the company.

That said, sometimes job titles can really be over the top! Have you ever seen a “Director of First Impressions” plaque in front of the company receptionist? With all due respect to hard-working receptionists everywhere, George McGovern said: “The longer the title, the less important the job.” Maybe someone should tell that to the people with these crazy (yet completely real!) job titles:

  • Beverage Dissemination Officer – Bartender
  • Canine Relocation Specialist – Dog Catcher
  • Dreams Fulfillment Specialist – Financial Planner
  • Chief Sanitation Engineer – Janitor or Garbage Collector
  • Environmental Maintenance Officer – Housekeeper
  • Underwater Ceramic Technician – Dishwasher
  • Media Publications Administrator – Paperboy or Papergirl
  • Drain Surgeon – Plumber
  • Textile Masseur – Deck Hand
  • Meat Distribution Engineer – Butcher
  • Transparent Wall Maintenance Engineer -Window Cleaner
  • Eviction Technician – Bouncer

This weekend, declare yourself a Relaxation Therapy Practitioner,