Me and a Nun on the 8-Ball Run

Imagine this: It’s pool league night. My turn at the table. All of the balls are racked in their classic triangle pattern. I tap the cue in the direction of my first solid ball and send it straight into the pocket. I continue to pocket each ball, on my way to a break and run.

Any league player who pockets at least one ball on the break, and then proceeds to pocket all of the remaining balls without the opponent getting a turn at the table receives a special “Break and Run” badge.

“I really want that badge,” I think to myself. Before I know it, I’m down to the 8-ball. If I can land that 8-ball in a pocket, victory and the badge are mine. I aim. I shoot. And……I miss.

I won’t repeat what I said next. Instead, I’ll let this joke fill in the blankety-blank-blanks:

A priest and nun head to the local pool hall to play 8-ball. They decide on a friendly little wager–first player to win three games will be assured a place in heaven.

The priest breaks on the first game and runs all of the way to the 8-ball. On the last shot, he misses. Forgetting his vows, he exclaims, “*#!&*#! I missed!” The nun wags her finger at the naughty priest and warns: “God will strike you down for that!”

She takes her turn, completing a successful break and run.

In the next game, the priest gets all of the way down the 8-ball and, once again, misses by a hair! “*#@%!&*#!, he exclaims, ” I can’t believe I missed again!” The nun shakes her head and repeats:”God will strike you down for that!”

She then proceeds to show up the priest with her second break and run.

In the third round, with the nun on the hill, the priest gets down to a straight-in 8-ball and proceeds to miscue with an air ball that completely misses the 8-ball. In frustration, the priest yells, “*#@%!&*#! How the hell did I miss again?”

Suddenly, there’s a blinding flash of light and the nun disappears into thin air. Then, everyone in the pool hall hears a booming voice from above proclaim: “*#!&@*#! I missed!”