Tarheel Born, Tarheel Bred

What do I love best about the arrival of Spring? The warmer weather? The blooming flowers? Truth be told, it’s March Madness that puts that extra little spring in my step. There’s nothing like watching all of the college basketball teams play against one another to determine who is #1.

Naturally, this Carolina girl will be rooting for her beloved North Carolina Tar Heels. I’m such a fan, I even have the Tar Heel tattoo (on my foot) to prove it.

When you’re born and raised in North Carolina, you’re literally taught to be an NC State, Duke, or Carolina fan. Talk to almost anybody who grew up in NC public schools and they’ll tell stories of watching the playoffs–at school! I remember watching one tournament in my 8th grade English class. Those were the days…I definitely don’t have time for such indulgences at work!

My all-time favorite team included Michael Jordan (raised in Wilmington, NC, our headquarters), James Worthy, Sam Perkins and Matt Doherty. They won the 1982 championship, beating Georgetown by just one point in the final game: 63-62.

For North Carolinians, the rivalry between Duke and Carolina fans is historic. The documentary “Battle for Tobacco Road/Duke vs. Carolina” profiles the intense competition between the two schools which are located just 8 miles from each other. The bitter rivalry must spur them to excellence because these two schools alone have more national titles and have made more Final Four appearances than any other entire conference.

No matter who wins the championship, I’ll be happy so long as my Carolina Tar Heels beat Duke. Apparently, Little Jimmy feels the same way….

One day in an elementary school in Durham, NC, a teacher asks her students to name their favorite basketball team. Little Jimmy says, “My favorite team is the North Carolina Tar Heels.” “Why is that?”, queries the teacher.

Little Jimmy replies, “Well, my dad is a Tar Heel fan, my mom is a Tar Heel fan, so that makes me a Tar Heel fan.”

Trying to use this as a teaching moment, she continues: “So, if your dad was crazy and your mom was crazy, what would that make you?”

Little Jimmy replies,”Well, I guess that would make me a Duke fan.

Enjoy the tournament and best wishes to your favorite team .