Here Comes the… Bridal Bloopers

It’s that time of the year again. Right now, someone you know is probably looking for the perfect dress, getting fitted for a tux, reserving the limo, or planning a honeymoon. This weekend, I had the honor of kicking off wedding season as a guest at the wedding of my friends, Jennifer Brown and Michael Townsend.

Mary Monday Wedding CakeThe bride was beautiful, the groom looked sharp, and the wedding cake was delicious! As I sat at my table during the cutting of the cake, I was reminded of all the other weddings I’ve been to, and all of the things – big and small – that have gone wrong. Because let’s be honest – everyone likes a beautiful wedding, but no one forgets a once-in-a-lifetime disaster!

At my own wedding, my brother Merrill (the ladies out there might remember him from his nearly naked photo in last week’s JAMM) was in charge of the music. “Here Comes the Bride” played… while the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle. Of course, that meant I had to wait for Merrill to rewind the tape and start the song again before I could proceed down the aisle.  Guess I never should have put a male stripper in charge of my wedding music. LOL!

As if that wasn’t enough my twin cousins, who were serving as ushers, were responsible for lighting the candelabras at the altar. When the fire went out on the lighting wick, my cousins saved the day… by pulling out their Zippos. Nothing like keeping it classy on your wedding day!

The great thing about weddings is that all those tiny mistakes are what make the day perfect in its own unique and memorable way. To this day, my husband and I still laugh about the music and the lighters, and I hope we never stop.

Speaking of laughing, I sure hope the couples in these videos are able to look back and laugh at the mistakes that happened on their big days. I know I am…

 This isn’t what she meant by “falling in love!”

 Isn’t the honey’moon’ supposed to come after the ceremony?


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