Lunchbox Dad

We’ve finally moved back into our house, despite the fact that our remodel is far from complete.  Currently, our fridge and toaster oven are in our garage, which is serving as our temporary kitchen.  It sure makes for an interesting morning routine:  I pour milk into the cereal and toast the English muffins, deliver breakfast inside the house, and then head back to the garage to work on packing the kids’ lunches.  I’ve always been in charge of lunches, but my repertoire consists of basics: bananas and peanut butter, Lunchables, and occasionally some reheated lemon pasta. Still, I thought I was doing a great job until I learned about the famous lunchbox Dads on the internet.

There is David Laferriere who has spent the past six years sketching animals, monsters and all sorts of silly creatures on sandwich bags for his two boys.  Check out his handiwork here.

Then, there is the Lunchbox Dad, a man who creates incredibly complicated lunch art (like this Despicable Me meal) made with ingredients like: bananas, raisins, trail mix, lettuce, whole wheat bread, grilled chicken, and dried seaweed!  Say what???

Matchmaker Lunchbox Dad
And, let’s not forget Funky Lunch Dad who parlayed his lunchbox talent into a company that caters parties and does food art workshops in school.

Matchmaker Funky Lunch Dad

As for me, it seems that I’m lunchbox brothers with the police officer Dad who packed his teenage son’s school lunch:

Matchmaker Evidence Bag
Brown bag it this weekend,