Summer Snowmen

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer, and here in the Southeast, the heat is already on! This year’s brutal winter-complete with epic snow and ice storms across the country feels like a distant memory. But despite the gradual arrival of sunshine and warm weather, in my house, one question remained a constant: “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Matchmaker FrozenThat’s right, even with the approach of summer, our house remains Frozen, as my daughters obsess over Disney’s hottest movie and memorize the lyrics to every song.

With the story of the movie following a princess who locks her town in eternal winter, I started to get suspicious (or perhaps stir-crazy) in late February. At some point, blaming Elsa’s temper tantrum for yet another ice storm seemed logical. I even started to wonder if Disney was using a top-secret weather controlling machine to turn the entire extended winter into a Frozen marketing campaign.

Now, with summer on the brain, every kid in America wants the same thing – a trip to a Disney¬†World (or at least tickets to the now-touring Frozen on Ice, coming soon to a city near you!) Parents who spent all winter cooped up indoors with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the gang will finally get outside with the kids for a summer vacation, only to be met with more Frozen-mania at the country’s most popular vacation destination.

I’ve devised a three-step program for your trip to Disney, after you’ve already bought the Elsa dress, the stuffed Olaf, and the Kristoff action figure. At some point, you will hear another Frozen song. When that happens:

1) Close your eyes.
2) Take a deep breath, and….
3) Let it gooooo, let it gooooo-

Keep your cool this summer,