Keeping Up with Kanye

kanye 1Last night the 87th Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. While I wasn’t strutting down the red carpet, I did catch the show from the best seat in the house – my couch.

Watching the Oscars is a yearly tradition in my home. We treat it less like an awards show and more like a football game. I root for my favorite films, hoping they’ll get the recognition they deserve. This year, I was pulling for American Sniper to win Best Picture (as much as I liked 50 Shades of Grey, it wasn’t exactly Oscar-material).

Just like the Superbowl, I prep enough snacks to get me through the long night, plus a few bottles of chilled wine for hydration. And I pay close attention to the commentary from the hosts. While I missed Ellen DeGeneres’s quips, I thought this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris, stole the show. In fact, almost all of last night’s stars scored “touchdowns” as far as contenders, clothing, and class went, thanks mostly to the fact that one certain celebrity was not invited to the star-studded event.

Kanye 2It’s official: after his recent hijinks (first interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and then dissing Beck’s Best Album win), Kanye West is no longer welcome at any the major awards shows. This means you won’t catch him being a sore loser at events like the Grammy’s, the MTV Music Video Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, or the Oscars. I can’t say I’ll miss him. Even President Obama has called Kanye a jackass, and that means a lot – especially coming from someone who spends all day dealing with Congress!

In Kanye’s defense, it’s not entirely his fault. He’s a product of our society, which is getting more self-centered as the days go by. (Last year’s famous Oscar selfie was just the tip of the iceberg!) Instead of uninviting Kanye to events, Kanye 3maybe it’s time to beat him at his own game. Next year, we can make the Academy Awards a Kanye-extravaganza. Hand out little Kanye statues. Nominate him for every category. And then, when he wins, storm the stage, rip the microphone from his hands, and give him a taste of his own medicine. Now that’s a show I’d like to watch!

Don’t feel too bad for Kanye, though. No matter who snubs him, he can count on Beyonc√© coming to his defense. After all, it’s the least she can do after all the “support” he’s given her over the years.

Happy Monday,