Man Must Grill

With Memorial Day behind us and summer on the horizon, grilling season is here. Like many other men, I’ll find myself helping with weekend meals by taking up my station behind the grill. What is it about us men and our love for grilling? Does it tap into our primal prehistoric instincts – Fire! Spears! Danger! – or does it give us a reason to indulge in our favorite things – Meat! Beer! More Meat!

Whatever the reason, it’s one of the best parts of summertime meals. There’s nothing like firing up the grill and cooking up just about anything from steaks to seafood to one of our family’s favorites – chicken fajitas in a lime marinade. I found the lime marinade recipe in a Weber cookbook that came with a grill I bought years ago. The grill has since met its death, but the lime marinade recipe lives on…. (Email me if you want the recipe; I’m happy to share.)

I’m a propane guy for the convenience, not the flavor – I simply don’t have the patience for coals. But, I do tend to cook with indirect heat rather than direct heat. Still, relatively speaking, I’m a grilling amateur. The word ‘amateur’ comes from the Latin word ‘to love’ and I grill purely for the love of it; I don’t purport to be an expert. I haven’t attended BBQ University, and I’ll probably never own this $17,00 hybrid gas-wood grill¬†like some hardcore grill masters who clearly have more than just lighter fluid to burn.

Our family is in the midst of planning a backyard makeover, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work a more modest grill into the budget. I did a little shopping online and discovered some interesting budget-friendly models. Still, I think I’ll stick with something a little more classic:

Matchmaker Grill Cart

Matchmaker Grill Toilet

Matchmaker Grill VW

Matchmaker Grill billies

Fire up the barbie this weekend,