Avoiding Disney Magic

As you read this, I’m en route to Florida for a vacation with my family. I’m taking my wife and my two daughters on a Disney Cruise.   My girls are both the perfect ages to appreciate Disney Magic, and based on the stellar reviews I’ve heard from anyone who has ever been on one, I’ve been really looking forward to the cruise.

I started to have my doubts, though, when I Googled “Disney Cruise for Dads”. Even the most positive articles and blog posts like “4 Ways for Dads to Get the Most of a Disney Cruise” include tips that cause alarm: Relax, Eat, Explore and Avoid.

Avoid. What’s to be avoided? The author of that article says the Sail Away party is not Dad-friendly and I’d be better off finding the bar. Personally, I think the Sail Away party sounds fun.  If nothing else, as a proud father, I’ll enjoy watching my daughters’ delight. I’m more concerned to learn that unsuspecting dads are often chosen by the variety show’s hypnotist to walk and cluck like chickens on stage in front of hundreds of other cruisers. That might be something to avoid!

Other dads complain about the price of on board drinks and merchandise: “If you want to have your picture taken with [the Disney characters] or get their autograph (yes, the children have autograph books) you had better be prepared to spend a half-hour waiting in a huge line. Once you get your picture done, simply go to the photo store and buy it for only $20. You can get a really nice frame for $100. If you aren’t into prints, why not get all your pics from the trip put on a CD for a trifling $400?”

But perhaps, the most concerning part of a Disney Cruise comes from Disney itself. When I discovered this commercial for the cruise line, I really started to worry:

Matchmaker Disney Souvenir

That’s one souvenir I definitely hope to avoid! Will the Disney Cruise prove to be “The Happiest Place on Earth”, or will I wind up wishing I hadn’t wished upon this star? Stay tuned….

Meanwhile, add a little pixie dust to your weekend,