The Generation Gap

Recently, a client’s daughter was sick, so we decided to send her a Get Well card. In the mail.  You would have thought we’d sent her something by Pony Express:

Mom: Riley, someone sent you a card in the mail today.

Riley: So I have an email?

Mom: No Riley, you have a card that came in the mail.

Riley: For real? It has a real live stamp on it?

Mom:  Yes, it has a real live stamp.

Riley: OMG! I’ve never gotten anything with a stamp on it before. Did the mailman bring it?

Mom: Yes. he delivered it to my office today and it’s addressed to you.

Riley: No way, I gotta call Dad, he said nobody uses stamps anymore and I got one. Bye, Mom.


Who knew, that all it takes to blow the minds of today’s children, is to send them a card in the mail?  It’s like a Facebook wall post they can actually hold in their hands!  Objects like records, cassette tapes, and even compact discs are a thing of the past.  Who needs them when there’s streaming?  I listen to our newest generation talk about some of the everyday things I’ve used all my life, and it’s like they’re going back in time to a Renaissance Fair.

Matchmaker Mary Generation Gap 2

Matchmaker Mary Generation Gap 3When I got tickled by her daughter’s reaction to her stamped mail, our client shared another story.  It seems that lately her daughter has been discovering all things ‘vintage.’ (I shudder at the term!)

The other day, little Riley stopped to marvel at a payphone. Baffled, she asked what it was.  “It’s a phone”, her mother replied.  Riley couldn’t understand why anyone would need to use a phone parked in the middle of the street. Couldn’t they just use their cell phones to make a call?

Gently, Riley’s mom explained that cell phones are a relatively new invention, and they weren’t around when she was young.

Amazed, with eyes as big as saucers, her daughter then asked: “Did you have electricity?”


Happy Monday,


Matchmaker Mary Generation Gap 1