The Best Surprise Ever

VeteransVeterans Day is this Wednesday, November 11th. Veterans comprise an important part of the trucking industry, with many companies specifically seeking to hire veterans as soon as they return from overseas. With unemployment and difficulty readjusting common issues for returning veterans, the trucking industry has banded together to give returning veterans a hand up. 10,000 qualified military drivers came home and re-entered the workforce last year, proving that it’s to everyone’s benefit to proudly employ hard-working veterans.

Here at Matchmaker, we love veterans like they’re our family – because they are! Nearly every Matchmaker employee has a close connection with a Veteran of the armed forces. Bob’s father, Mary’s sister and husband, Pam’s father, Kendra’s step-father…we love our veterans every day. The tradition continues with our newest employee, Caraline. She’s proud to be the daughter of a retired Army colonel.

One of my favorite ways to see veterans honored is through the eyes of their loved ones. It’s crucial to remember that some veterans never get a happy reunion, instead making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Maybe that’s why those videos of servicemen and women surprising their loved ones always bring a tear to my eye. is a great source for some of the best, and this video compilation from ESPN is so uplifting, I highly recommend taking the time to watch it during your next six-minute coffee break:Veterans

From dad surprising his son during his school play, to mom showing up at her daughter’s birthday party, these videos become popular for the reveal moment, the shock and joy on someone’s face when the loved one they’ve been praying over is revealed to be safe at home.

But there’s so much more to it than that. The bonds of family only get stronger as family members separate, united by quick phone calls, letters and care packages, and thoughts in your heart every day. The months of praying and hoping for safety leading up to the moment where you see someone you love and know that they’re okay. Ultimately, it’s the triumph that gets me, every time. Next time you want to have a good happy cry, spend some time watching these surprise homecomings.

Being the sports nut I am, I always think of the story of Meyers and Bailey Leonard. The video of Bailey returning home from Afghanistan in 2010 to surprise his little brother Meyer hits me – “right in the feels.” As an even better end to this story? Meyers was so jazzed, he must have played the best game of his life – he went on to play professionally in the NBA, for the Portland Trailblazers.

Happy Monday and Happy Veterans Day to All Who Served,