Are You Ready for Some Football???

Tell me you have the song stuck in your head, now. I know it’s Monday morning, and you might still be waiting on coffee, but I’ll bet you’re wide awake now! Football season’s the time of year when Monday mornings never get me down – because Monday mornings mean Monday evenings, and that means MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

What’s even better than Monday Night Football? Giving thanks for a week with both Monday Night and Thanksgiving Day football! I was so inspired by this year’s NFL Thanksgiving Games line-up, I spent some time writing up my very own Top Ten Ways You Know it’s Football Season list. Here they are, Letterman-style….from the mind of Mary!football season

  • #10: Alabama cars are instantly noticeable on the highway thanks to the Roll Tide or War Eagle Flags attached to the car.
  • # 9: Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants begin taking advance reservations.
  • # 8: You forget what your Facebook friends actually look like as they change their profile pictures to NCAA mascots.
  • # 7: You start up conversations with strangers based on whether or not they share your team spirit.
  • # 6: The grocery store aisles have reached hurricane levels of deserted when it comes to chips, pretzels and French Onion Dip.
  • # 5: The cute holiday flags come down from porches, only to be replaced with flying team colors.
  • # 4: Blissfully, magically, everyone stops fighting over politics, and starts fighting over sports.
  • #3: Packaging, cheese balls, pizzas, even football-shaped pretzels on the snack table – you start seeing footballs everywhere!
  • #2: People begin speaking in tongues, using strange and mysterious words like ‘deflategate’.


Whether you’re gathered ’round the television after stuffing your face with turkey, or getting a head start on your holiday shopping, it’s all about having football-inspired fun:

football season

Happy Monday, Happy Thanksgiving Week, and Happy Football Watching,