Return of the Jedis

jedisI’ve written about it before – I’m a Star Wars fan. So, with the arrival of a new Star Wars movie this week, I’m happier than a kid on Christmas morning! The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars film in more than ten years, so it’s an opportunity for a whole new generation of Star Wars merchandise. And there is plenty.

In fact, I think with enough searching, I can work Star Wars into every aspect of my life. Just the other day I came across these awesome coffee creamers. For someone like me, this is a necessity. I can start my day off right – in a galaxy far, far away! That Darth Vader Espresso Chocolate? Mmm.

With some of these sweet Star Wars stamps stashed in the desk, I can even keep the Force with me when I get to work! I can slap these on our correspondence and get mail out at light speed.jedis

Then, when I get home, I can relax with my #1 crush, that scruffy looking Han Solo -in CHOCOLATE FORM. (He’s truly the perfect man.)Matchmaker Star Wars Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream jedis

Okay, that last one is a hoax. Ben & Jerry’s isn’t REALLY making ‘Carbonite Crunch,’ but fans are so eager for it, they even started a petition on! You too can use the power of the internet to demand creamy treats packed with delicious chocolate Han Solos!

However, not every Star Wars product tie-in can be a match made in the stars. There are a few they’d rather us forget. In 1978, to jump on the Star Wars buzz in time for Christmas, CBS aired the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Nevermind that a galaxy far, far away didn’t have Christianity, Santa Claus, or snow (the second movie wasn’t out yet!) – the attempt was made. The story follows Chewbacca headed home to see his family for ‘Life Day,’ the winter holiday celebrated on his home planet.

The Star Wars Holiday Special is consider by many to be one of the worst ‘films’ (it ran for two hours!) ever made. There were so many things wrong with this idea. For starters, Wookiees don’t speak English and aren’t even subtitled in the Star Wars movies.

If you’re more courageous than I, you can watch the highlights for yourself. I lasted about 1 minute and 20 seconds! How long could you bear it? Drop me a line and let me know.

star wars

Meanwhile, at least this week, we’ve got something better to look forward to!

Happy Monday,