Glaze of Glory

Krispy KremeEarlier this month, I was in the North Carolina office, seeing all my Matchmaker friends in person. It definitely has its perks! The weather was nice, I got to see everyone’s smiling faces, and I spent some time with family and friends. That Monday, I heard the rumblings of the sort of rumor that gets North Carolinians very excited.

According to scuttlebutt, Krispy Kreme locations all across North Carolina honor the Carolina Panthers’ undefeated record by cutting the cost of a dozen of their delicious glazed doughnuts. That’s right: on the day after the Carolina Panthers play and win, all Krispy Kreme locations in North Carolina discount a dozen of their gorgeous, fresh, hot ‘n’ ready donuts to just $3.99.

That settled it. Monday evening after work, I had to make the stop. I’d cruise on by the local Krispy Kreme drive-thru and pick up a couple dozen to take home to the folks. Alas, I wasn’t the only one to have this idea. It was hardly a cruise; in fact, I sat in the drive-thru line for 40 minutes.

I know. I can hear you. “Mary, why didn’t you just go inside to get doughnuts?” I’m telling you, I thought about it, but the line inside the store was no shorter – all the way down the hall and out the door.

Krispy KremeAdmittedly, as I watched the cars in front of me file out with boxes and boxes of donuts, I felt myself begin to panic. There appeared to be no limit on how many dozen you could buy! While sitting in the final stretch of my cruise, I watched three cars before me leave with several dozen. The lady in front of me bought eight dozen. I began to have concerns about whether or not I’d even get any donuts. Do these people not eat all week and just hope for the best when the Panthers play?

At least you can feel really good spending money at Krispy Kreme. Not only are their donuts the best, they give back to the community. No, I don’t just mean their app. (Did you know you can set their app to send you a notification when the donuts are hot ‘n’ ready? Dangerous!)

Krispy Kreme is all about assisting the community with various fundraisers and giving back. Even when they don’t intend to…with this new promotion, I’m sure that plenty of businesses are seeing a boost in sales! Like dentists…and gym memberships…

Happy Monday,