To Stay or Go? That is the Question.

Advice columnist Ann Landers famously said, “At every party there are two kinds of¬†people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.”

It can be hard to decide what to do with your New Year’s Eve. With the holidays just behind us, it’s awfully tempting to bundle up with your new socks and jammies and enjoy your presents. If the typical Monday blues are making it hard for you to decide whether you and yours should go out and party this New Year’s Eve or stay in, I’ve made a list of Pros and Cons for both. Here goes:



  • It’s the one night of the year you can wear those sequin shorts and glitter eye makeup without getting mistaken for an extra in a community theater production of Chicago.
  • While the fare at most parties is chips and beer, people tend to go a little fancier for New Years, with crudite and champagne!
  • You get some great photos of all your friends partying harder than they will all year.


  • It’s the one night of the year you’re expected to wear sequin shorts and glitter eye makeup that makes you look like an extra in a community theater production of Chicago.
  • The fare is all crudite and champagne, when you could be at home on your couch with chips and beer.
  • Someone might take your photo while you’re partying harder than you have all year.

new years party



  • Dress code is strictly elastic waistbands and those fleece onesie pajamas your aunt got you.
  • Unlimited pizza and cookie options from the kitchen.
  • While most parties require you to not bring pets along, staying in means you can spend the whole evening cuddling your cat or dog.
  • Should you realize by 10PM that the same thing happens every year and you’re okay with time passing without you there to cheer it on, your bed is just down the hall.
  • No one will take your picture.


  • ….I’ll get back to you when I think of one!

Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, stay safe, and resolve to call me next Monday!

Happy Monday,