Check (and Double-Check!) Your Baggage

Today, I’m flying home from some business meetings in Texas. Which means I’m spending my Friday in the least relaxing place imaginable – the airport.

The TSA has certainly stepped up its game in recent years, what with our changing world and the need to be vigilant. But I have a hard time thinking of anything more awkward and uncomfortable than the TSA line at the airport.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like checking bags – it’s costly and a hassle – so I arrive at the airport wearing and carrying everything I possibly can. Once upon a time, this was the smartest way to do it, but now, the security line throws a wrench in that. Not only do all of your objects have to be dumped in trays to be scanned, but shoes and coats and belts must be removed prior to stepping in the backscatter machine, and a pat-down is often required. There are few things more awkward than being at the front of a long line and having to stop to untie your shoes and loosen your belt.

As soon as I’m done with security, I like to get out of there – so I can understand the hurry some folks are in. The TSA has a lost and found. And, they post pictures online via their Twitter account. It makes sense – Twitter has a wide reach, and the TSA can easily share when and where each item was found. Though some of the items make me wonder – what were their owners trying to pull over on the TSA, and how much trouble were they in when they came to claim them? Me, I worry about accidentally having mouthwash in my bag, but these people are pretty brazen:

Like this family, who checked their bag at LaGuardia Airport in New York – with their chihuahua puppy inside! I’d have a hard time not asking questions when they came to pick the cute little guy up.

baggageThe TSA is especially nice about these fancy brass knuckles found in a carry-on bag. All they ask, is that if you simply must travel with your custom blinged-out brass knuckles, please check them with your luggage.


This went up on the TSA twitter account recently, and I have to say, I’m intrigued.


The man who left these bat-arangs behind probably needs them to fight crime, wouldn’t you think? He’s clearly a superhero, but who could he be? He’s probably strong…and smart…and handsome…and finishing up his blog post right about now.

Travel safe this weekend,