A Not-So-Modest Proposal

proposalWith just two days until Valentine’s Day, this is your official warning to make plans for your sweetheart! Romantic gestures require planning, especially if you’re one of the approximately six million Americans who will pop the big question this Valentine’s Day.

For example, twenty years ago when I proposed to my wife on Christmas Day, I didn’t just pull a ring box out of my pocket on Christmas morning. I wrapped a large box in gold paper and put it under the tree as soon as it went up. All month long, she picked it up, shook it, and puzzled at what could be inside that box. On December 25th, as she was distracted tearing the paper off her mystery present, I got down on my knee, ready to propose. I think she liked it – after all, she said yes!

I don’t know what I’d do if I had to do it again today. These modern marriage proposals that go viral on social media are just off the charts! Some of them are low-budget, but incredibly clever – while Lindsey here had no idea what was happening behind her on Splash Mountain, the photo they received at the ride’s end popped the question!

This one’s good for the romantic on a budget, but a bit risky. Just hope Fido doesn’t get hungry for carats, right?


But if money is no object, how about making a blockbuster movie trailer and showing it to the apple of your eye in a theater packed with friends and family? That’s what Matt Still did for his girlfriend, Ginny. The budget must have been out of control, but who can put a price on a memory like that?

Nowadays, I do my best to make the twentieth year of marriage as special as the first. But, with kids, a career, and parents needing our help, it gets tough! Still, I think it’s important to put in the effort, on Valentine’s Day, and every day.

Now that I’ve given you a full two days to prepare, you’ve got no excuse! Just don’t get desperate and do this:


All you need is love this weekend,