Instant Karma

I’d never wish ill will on anyone, but like most of us, I occasionally get a little thrill at the idea of instant karma.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, it usually refers to a sense of immediate punishment for bad behavior, sort of a retort from the universe giving someone exactly what they deserve. It’s most often used for everyday situations that make you feel like someone up there is looking out for you.

One of my favorites? When you’re stuck in traffic along with everyone else, and some bozo decides that the open shoulder is a special lane just for them. I always find myself wishing that a police officer would stop and pull them over, and few things feel better than when I see that happen. But if there are no cops around, that’s when Instant Karma takes over, like this:

instant karma

Instant Karma is best reserved for those moments when someone’s just doing something inconsiderate rather than downright evil. It’s a gentle reminder from the powers that be that the universe is not there for them alone. Plus, it’s fast, and it’s free.

On the other hand, real rewards take more time, like in the case of Corey Holtzlander, an Oregonian car salesman who paid out some good will to others. One cold night, Corey found a homeless man sleeping in one of the vehicles on his lot, so Corey helped him out – gave him a cup of coffee and a listening ear to help the man get back on his feet. That man told a friend, and the word spread.

instant karma

Dozens of homeless individuals have approached Corey for help, and he’s done something for all of them – giving out money, cars, and most importantly, jobs. Today, Corey’s best salespeople are formerly homeless individuals who just needed some a hand up. Sean, Corey’s #1 car salesman, is a convicted felon and former drug addict who was just out of prison when he came to Corey for help. All he needed was a chance to prove himself. Corey took that chance, and now Sean makes more sales per month than any other employee.

It’s easy to smile when karma goes your way, but it’s important not to forget that the world needs – and delivers – both good and bad karma! It’s all about what you put in, not just what you take out.

Check your karmic bank balance this weekend,