Billboards on Wheels

Early summer isn’t just produce season, it’s also road trip season, which means whether you’re a professional driver or a Sunday driver, you’re probably logging more hours behind the wheel than usual. As we haul our own precious cargo to camp sites, amusement parks, and more, long stretches of highway (and rambunctious children in the backseat) can make the hours seem very long.

I don’t know about you, but by the hundredth mile on the same stretch of road, I’m desperate for something to wake up my brain and make me think. Maybe that’s why I’m such a big fan of these ‘rolling billboards’ designed by marketers who cleverly teamed up with freight haulers to utilize the primo ad space found on tractor trailers.

Estimates show that the average tractor trailer is seen 30,000-70,000 times a day. That’s over 10 million times in a single year, an impact several times greater than that of a billboard. While we might ignore the roadside signs on the highway, as good drivers we should definitely be aware of the tractor trailer to our right!

Just like a great billboard or TV commercial, the best mobile advertisements are eye-catching, creative and sometimes downright funny. And, like most advertising, wrapping a tractor trailer comes at a price. High-quality vinyl graphics (called wraps) can easily cost between five and ten thousand dollars. In addition to printing costs, the genius minds that come up with these advertising wins don’t work for free; design costs must be factored in too.

But people remembering your product because they slowed down to allow a giant pack of gum to merge? Now that’s priceless.

This Duracell advertisement is pretty perfect – while a standard trailer wouldn’t have suited the product quite so well, the unique shape allows for a wrap that lets batteries be part of the fun.


If your product isn’t one that translates well into giant tractor-trailer size, never fear: the advertising whizzes who design these wraps have something in mind for everyone. Take this Immodium advertisement. If you’re not familiar with Immodium, allow me to say this – the stacks of toilet paper are both eye-catching and very relevant.


Last but not least, this candy bar advertisement creates a mouth-watering illusion that would make any driver hungry enough to pull off at the nearest exit in search of a convenience store!


Watch the roads this weekend,