Who Will Take Home the Gold?

olympicsThe games have begun! It’s no secret that I’m a sports nut, and few things are more exciting than the whole world coming together to engage in sportsmanship and goodwill. On Friday, Rio de Janiero kicked off the Summer Olympics with the 2016 Opening Ceremonies.

My favorite events? Swimming, diving, track events and gymnastics. I’ve been an Olympics nut for years. One of my all time favorites? Gymnast Mary Lou Retton receiving a perfect 10 for her vault in 1984. Or remember 1996, when the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team “Magnificent Seven” won their first Gold medal after brave little Kerri Strug stuck the landing with an injured ankle?

This year it’s the Fab Five – five amazing young women who are ready to prove to the whole world why we’re the team to beat.

1996 was a good year for the USA. The olympicsU.S. Women’s Soccer Team also won their first gold medal that year, making soccer player Mia Hamm a legend and a household name. She went on to lead the U.S. Women’s Soccer team to gold a second time, almost ten years later, in the 2004 Olympic Games. (Read about my favorite Winter Olympics moment here.)

I’m always surprised, when I look at the Olympics schedule, at how many sports there are. Badminton can be fun to play at the park, but who knew it’s been an Olympic event since 1992?

My favorite unusual Olympic sport? Trampoline gymnastics. Since the 2000 Sydney games, athletes bounce high into the air to twist, turn, and impress the judges. If I had to start training today, that would definitely be the Summer Olympics sport I’d pick. Maybe I could be the Paulina Hunt of that event – LOL.

Who will emerge as the stars of this year’s Olympic Games? Will it be Gabby Douglas as she attempts to win all around gold in women’s gymnastics, or brand new prodigy and teammate Simone Biles? Will swimmer Michael Phelps win gold again, or will he lose the gold to a powerhouse newcomer? As for me? I’ll be in my own marathon – glued to the television nightly to watch the events and cheer on Team USA.

Did you watch the opening ceremonies? What did you think? Do you know any Olympians, past or present? Do you know were I could get a good price on a trampoline? Do you have any good tips for stopping those leotards from riding up?

Hey – don’t judge…..I’m just keepin’ the Olympic Dream alive!

Happy Monday,