The One That Got Away

fishingI love to fish, and I’d be lying if I said I’d never been tempted to call in sick to go fishing. But having a fishing buddy around the office can make that grueling eight hour wait until fishing time seem a little more reasonable. So when our newest hire, Cody, mentioned a love of the sport, I thought there was no better way to get to know our new dispatcher than to take him out

That Friday night blessed us with good weather, so we headed to the local pier at North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach. Our first good omen was our timing – thanks to arriving right at 7PM, beach parking was free. Already, this was turning out to be more fortuitous than my last fishing trip.

So once we were paid up and fully stocked on bait, I informed Cody of a tradition in my family: the fishing bet. Each fisherman (or woman) agrees to pay $1 to the person who catches the first fish, the person who catches the biggest fish, and the person who catches the most fish.

That last hour of daylight didn’t get us a single thing, but once the sun went down? We could hardly keep the bait on our hooks – the fish were biting like crazy!

fishingWhen all was said and done, I owed Cody a respectable $3. Now, that doesn’t mean he was hauling in bushels of big fish – per the rules of the bet, someone can win with just one fish. Which is exactly what happened – Cody caught one fish. It was about the size of my hand, and we ended up using it for bait, but I was determined. I swore to Cody that I was going to catch a big fish – there was no way I was going down without a fight.

So of course, it was when Cody took a restroom break that I started getting bites on my line. First one, then another, and another. I hooked the fish, but before I knew it, the pole was bending over the pier with the force of what was clearly a huge fish on the hook. I shouted, and several other fisherman came down the pier to cheer me on as I brought the monster in. I had never experienced reeling in a fish like this before – pulling with all my might, when – POP!fishing

The line snapped and the fish got away. Talk about disappointment – I just wanted to see what I’d caught! My fellow fisherman suggested it was a large ray, or even a shark.

Moments later, Cody returned, none the wiser. I eagerly recounted the story of the fish, much to Cody’s amusement. After all – isn’t that just like a fisherman, to make up a story about the one that got away? Thankfully my fellow fishermen confirmed the story, and I think Cody believed me.

But now there’s a bigger problem: Cody and I both know that our big catch is still out there somewhere…and I want my three dollars back! Do you think Bob would suspect anything if we both call in sick the next time I’m in the Wilmington? I’m determined to get the one that got away!

Happy Monday,